Welcome to Human-First AI

Human-First AI concept image

Why: With Human-First AI, we aim to put human insight, human control, and human values back on center-stage. The AI/ML era should be about combining human and machine intelligence, and not substituting one for the other. It should be about the elevation of humanity, and not our subjugation.

What: More specifically, for real-world AI, with H1st AI 1, we aim to solve three critical challenges:
  1. Insufficient data for machine learning

  2. Messy, Unprincipled AI system development processes

  3. Concerns with Trustworthy AI

How: H1st AI is designed with the following principles:

  1. Knowledge-First: take advantage of domain knowledge already availabe in organizations

  2. App-First: apply software-engineering principles, treating every major process as an app

  3. Trustworthy AI-RULE: support for human-centric AI systems

Where: H1st AI is based on experience building AI solutions at Panasonic, Fujitsu, Furuno, Tesla Gigafactory, etc. It has been applied to real-world systems in applications ranging from robotics predictive maintenance, cold-chain energy optimization, battery mfg, avionics, automotive cybersecurity, and more.

Who: H1st AI is an open-source project created by Christopher Nguyen and his team at Aitomatic, Inc. It is maintained by Aitomatic and other contributors. The repository can be found at https://github.com/h1st-ai.


H1st is pronounced “H-first”